Competitive Program Information:
Elite Dance Co.
*  All Mini, Petite and Junior competitors are required to take a minimum of their
equivalent tap, ballet and jazz technical classes.
*  All Teen/Senior competitors are required to take a minimum of their equivalent tap,
ballet, jazz  and flexibility classes.
* All competitors are required to wear all black leotards, convertible tights are
suggested and hot shorts are acceptable.
*  All competitors must have their hair pulled back for every class.
*  The competitive program is a commitment for both the parent and the dancer.  We
would like to see time set aside at home for routine practice.
*  Attendance is expected and required to all classes, extra practices and any high
profile performances.

*  Additional information to follow.

Competitive Program Monthly Pricing Structure:
- a $200.00 refundable deposit due at time of audition
- monthly fees due August, September, October, November, December, January,
February, March, April, May and June
- competitive monthly fees include required technical classes, group routine practices,
competition costuming, regional competition routine entry fees, personal CD of
routines, Season Showcase, head shots, competitive calendar and any extra practices.

2011 Competitive Monthly Fees:

Mini /Petite Co.
(2 routines)                         (3 routines)                        (4 routines)
$138.00                               $165.00                              $200.00                     

Junior/PreTeen/Teen/Senor Co.
(2 routines)                (3 routines)                (4 routines)            (5 routines)
$182.00                      $208.00                       $235.00                  $261.00

Saturday - October 6th
Competitive Head Shots
Competitive Company Photos

Sunday - October 14th
Dance Directive Convention

October 20-21
Tentative Group Rehearsals

Saturday - October 27th
CiCi's Workday

Wednesday - October 31
No Classes --- Happy Halloween!!!
Congratulations to our
2012-2013 Competitive Team!!!

Christopher A.
Morgan B.
Samantha B.
Kimberly B.
Halia B.
Lindsey B.
Rachel C.
Emma C.
Maddison C.
Layla C.
Nichele D.
Lindsey D.
Brianna D.
Tori F.
Brooke F.
Elizabeth G.
Maddy G.
Cierra G.
Lexy H.
Skyla H.
Shelby H.
Kaitland H.
Alyssa J.
Joshua J.
Natalya K.
Kathryn L.
Sabrina M.
Claire M.
Grace M.
Katelyn M.
Addison M.
Grace N.
Caitlyn P.
Emily P.
Madison R.
Kaylin R.
Danielle R.
Bailey S.
Allison S.
Amelia S.
Alex S.
Kamryn S.
Kennedy S.
Kendall S.
Taylor S.
Bailey T.
Maddi V.
Shelby W.
Josie W.
Elora W.
Erma W.
Kate W.
Competitive Audition Information